Melissa[1]There are many things that one could write on a web page of introduction, but the most important thing that I can offer you, whoever you are and wherever you are, is my heartfelt belief that the love God has for you is unconditional and limitless.  In other words: God loves you…no matter what.

It is this truth, the grace that God has for all persons, that is the foundation of my life.  This is not to say that I always get it right or even come close!  Just like you, I say things that would be better left unsaid; I do things that ought not to be done.  Sometimes, I sit passively and silently when I know that grace is asking me to take a stand, to speak up.

Thank God for God’s grace, which is always ready to forgive me and to give me what I need to live like one who has been graced and who believes that grace is for all…no matter what.  God’s grace is there for you in just the same way…ready to forgive and equip.

It has been my pleasure to serve with the good people of Grace United Methodist Church since July 2016.  Prior to that time, I pastored congregations throughout Missouri.  My husband, Scott, and I met in at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, where we both attended seminary; he currently serves as Lead Pastor at Wesley United Methodist Church in Springfield. We have two adult sons, one of whom is married to an amazing young woman, and both of whom are phenomenal young men!

I am passionate about creating opportunities for persons to come together in ways that foster respect, collaboration, unity of heart, clarity of purpose, and transformation.  In addition to serving as pastor at Grace UMC, I am a facilitator and consultant with religious communities and organizations that are interested in moving forward together in healthy and life-giving ways.

To return to the most important thing, I remind you of the truth: that God loves you…no matter what.


Pastor Melissa